Wealth Is Derived at the Expense of the Environment

Money is a manmade commodity and no one can dispute that as fact. It is, however, the thing that is destroying the environment and bringing the world as we know it to an end, that is another indisputable fact. The question is why was it allowed and who is responsible? It is like a cancerous growth that got into the cells of the living and has expanded uncontrollably until the patient is now terminal and all of life is threatened.

In the last week, ivory from hundreds of thousands of animals in Africa was burned and last January China destroyed 6 tons of ivory while Hong Kong has 30 tons to destroy. That represents a lot of dead animals. The tusks of a single elephant can produce over $1,000 for poachers and they are in need of money to live in the world where finance rules it.

Elsewhere it is the jungles and habitats of animals that are being rapidly destroyed with huge loss of species. Even the fish in the ocean are being caught at an unsustainable rate while the harvesting practices of trawlers are disturbing the ocean bed and uprooting essential sea-grass and other food sources. On top of that many animals are caught that die and are then returned to the sea as unwanted by-catch.

These are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to environmental damage caused by greed and companies who are focused on profit. Executives are taking home pay-checks and bonuses in the millions in return for the way they are destroying the world. It’s little wonder that people are angry with governments that fail to stop such exploitation.

My spirituality prevents me from destroying anything of nature or otherwise. My reincarnation showed me how wrong humans are generally about most things and insertions in the bible that state that men have dominion over the earth is false. Having said all of that, however, it is the Spirit of the Universe that controls all things, including the destruction and the greed of those who do it.

It also proves there is no heaven or hell and that all who have lived are back, that explains the size of the population. Prophecies in the Old Testament are coming true and the end of the earth as we know it is foretold. Money is, therefore, used by the Spirit to bring it about through the weak minds of the rich and wealthy.

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